You've just found your new content strategist/copywriter! View samples of Marie's written work that range from U/X and SEO content to product packaging and technical writing-- produced for a variety of industries. 

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A natural storyteller, I geek out on rhetoric and word-smithing complex topics into easily digestible content that is engaging to their intended (target) audiences. Once a (collegiate-level) teacher/communication scholar and freelance writer, I'm an enterprise-level, global content director and strategist who writes senior-level copy and serves as final editor for all types of content, including long-form, educational papers to short-form, persuasive, actional headlines, email, and social copy. 

My scope of writing varies upon industry and includes writing for a popular pet product retailer, a national leading personal and small-business tax software, the nation's largest broker-dealer, and top-notch CPG brands within the health and wellness space. 

Regardless of the industry, product or service, my philosophy on writing is simple: Know your audience and your product or service. I research my end-users to develop a compelling story and utilize vernacular that resonates with them to drive engagement and conversion. In addition, I take the time to learn the product, service, event, program, etc. to formulate clear and concise messaging that entices target audience(s) to take action. Throw in my adaptable nature, passion for research/innovation, and keen aptitude for grammar, punctuation, and syntax and you've got yourself one amazing copywriter/content strategist/head of communications!

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