You've just found your new content strategist/copywriter! View samples of Marie's written work that range from U/X and SEO content to product packaging and technical writing-- produced for a variety of industries. 

Namaste, colleagues and friends! I'm Marie and I have a passion for written rhetoric. Once a (collegiate-level) teacher/communication scholar, I'm now a marketing manager who writes senior-level copy, heads up digital marketing strategy and also teaches yoga (on the side). My scope of writing varies upon industry and includes writing for a popular pet product retailer, a leading personal and small-business tax software, the nation's largest broker dealer and the best-tasting, healthy alternative to ice cream. Regardless of the industry, product or service, my philosophy on writing is simple: Know your audience and your product. I learn who my end-users are and how they communicate in order to develop compelling and convincing messages utilizing the type of language they understand and with which they resonate. In addition, I take the time to learn about the product, service, event, program, etc. that I'm writing about, so I can formulate clear and concise messaging to entice the audience to take action. Throw in my adaptable nature, passion for research/innovation and keen aptitude for grammar, punctuation and syntax and you've got yourself one amazing copywriter!

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